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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  October 2, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a fire destroys a home in vallejo but the two people who were sleeping inside got out safely. we'll tell you how they escape and what they say likely saved their lives. one man is dead and a 14- year-old girl is injured after a shootout in oakland last night. we'll tell you why police are investigating three different
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locations this morning. a bay area middle school dealing with a recent arrest of a popular teacher is now dealing with his death. plus -- an incredible season for the oakland as last night. they are headed to the playoffs! well, good morning. well down "mornings on 2." >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday october 2nd. we're following developing news of an early-morning fire in vallejo. ktvu channel reporter allie rasmus is live with the damage and information on how two people escaped the flames. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. this fire started at:00 in the morning. now four hours later, investigators are going through the home trying to pinpoint
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what happened. firefighters are dousing the walls with water to make sure nothing flares up again. two people got out safely. more on that in a minute. first we want to show you the through. you can get a sense of how large this house is -- 3800 square feet. the size hans configuration of the house were both challenges for firefighters putting out this fire. so is the weather. it's warmer than unusual in vallejo and it is -- as it is in most pats. they had to bring in extra crews to relieve some of the firefighters who first responded to the fire. >> we went to three alarms on this. it -- it's a large house. it's an older house. my third alarm was to get crews on scene to help with the
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overall fire. >> reporter: two people were able to get out due to the smoke detectors. the father told me off camera, that it was the unusual sound of the smoke detectors. he credits the device with alerting them and saving his and his son's lives. but now that the fire is out, lack out here live, investigators are going through the home to try to pinpoint what sparked this fire. again, they believe the fire may have started in the garage. it's still under an investigation what may have caused it. live in vallejo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. a violent night in oakland ended with two people dead. more hurt. lorraine blanco is live with more. >> reporter: police are not releasing a lot of details yet this morning. they have a lot of people to
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talk to to figure out what happened before and after this liquor store shooting. the gunfire started at this store on macarthur and 9 oth. officers found two men shot. one man died in the vehicle. the other was transported to highland hospital. a mother happened to be driving down the street and her 14-year- old was hit by a stray but. the mom said she drove to -- bullet. the mom said she cove to the safest intersection. the teen is expected to be okay. then around 10:20, police got a call of another victim. police say a woman in her 30s was shot in the arm. another -- another person injured. police wonder why she waited so long to get help.
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we have a call in to get more information on the suspect or suspects in this case. back to you. >> thank you. about an hour later, another man was killed at a different liquor store. this one happened at macarthur and diamond street. witnesses say the man was stabbed several times as he walked out of the liquor store. reportedly, the gunman followed him in the parking lot, the suspect escaped running away. >> in about 30 minutes, a $$vigil will be held to remember -- a candlelight vigil will be held to honor a member at the teacher. the teacher was found dead in a parked car. police say it appears to be a
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suicide. police say this comes after accusations of molesting a female student. grief counselors will be on hand to help them cope with his staff. the albany school board will hold a press conference this morning. according to the "pleasantly weekly" a letter was sent out to notify parents saying that durham bus drivers could strike as early as tomorrow. the school district said it would try to provide alternative transportation if there is a strike. sal's back. somehow it going out there? >> it's kind of slow out there, dave and tori. the ail allemany offramp, aim le manny boulevard is --
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alanemofframp, it's closed. let's go to the south bay. you see the road sensors showing traffic on 101 and also 280, 1011 especially slow getting into sunnyvale. it's no longer a walk in the park. i would say of the three freeway, 85 slightly better than the other two. let's take a look at live pictures. that's backed up all the way to the maze. the metering lights are on. about a 5-minute delay. this morning's commute is high on highway 4. it's usually slow. >> it's usually slow in this area. let's go to steve. a very good morning. i guess we had to turn the page from september to october to put sunshine on the coast and
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there's not even a puff of a breeze. first time san francisco hit 90. that was our high ned. since september 25th -- yesterday. since september 25th, 2010. normal is 75. they are the sitting at 65 right now. san santa cruz -- santa cruz was 100 and watsonville was 101. if the sea breeze does not kick in. they will be close to that today. inland temperatures you will have 20 pate -- you will have to wait until tomorrow. definitely not a breeze yet. some temperatures on the coast have been going up in the last couple of hours. fort funston being one. lake merced from 64 to 67. san francisco, 65. hayward, 65. santa rosa is 51. those are warmer than livermore, antioch and san jose.
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a complete reversal. san jose, travis, snow. there's no sea breeze yet. the leading edge is being drawn towards us. the combination of the two will eventually turn that breeze around to the west. by tomorrow -- by tomorrow. but anyone by thursday, we'll see temperatures in the inland in the 80s and then 60s by the coast. we'll see a dramatic change. it just won't be today. a mild morning on the coast. 90s to near 100 inland. so today's hot all across the board. cooling begins on wednesday. and boy does it ever on thursday with temperatures going from the 100s and low 70s by the weekend. tori and dave? >> thank you, steve. in election 20 12news. a new national poll shows the race for the white house is still very close. according to a cnn survey, 50% of likely voters say they favor president obama. 47% say they support mitt romney, the republican
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presidential nominee. in terms of unemployment and budget issues, romfry i -- romney appeared to have the edge. president obama had an edge on tax, healthcare and foreign policy. president obama and romney face off tomorrow night in denver. the stakes are especially high for romney when it comes to women voters. we'll have more on that at 7:15 when we go live to our washington, d.c. bureau. the oakland as beat the texas rangers, 4-3. the as are heading back to the playoffs for first time in six years. [ cheers ] >> struck out all three batters at the top of the 9th. the celebration started. that means at the very least, the as clinched one of the two
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american league championships. the celebration moved into the clubhouse. the champagne, the beer was knowing. the players started dancing, too. coco crisp played a big role in the game, doubling in the go- ahead run and epscoreed the eventual run. you know, you wouldn't think that all of these rookies would be doing something like this but they have better mentality and they have this useful spark. >> yeah. the as have two games left, tonight and tomorrow afternoon. the now -- they are now one game behind texas. if they win both against the rangers the as will be the western division champs. the as still get that wild card spot. >> that's very excite sighting.
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very good news. 7:11. nurses on strike. there could be a walkout and what it means for urgent care. and explosive flames. a very flammable product that was stored there.
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well, things are very company, very clear. it's gonna be very warm especially by the coast. the u.s. appears to be abandoning hope for a peace deal in afghanistan. "the new york times" reports that u.s. generals in afghanistan have given up a peace deal with the
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afghanistan. they are counting on the afghan government. the average american household faces a $3500 tax increase if congress fails to avoid a looming fiscal cliff. automatic tax hikes and spending cuts are set to go into effect in january but "the new york times" reports that a bipartisan group of senators is work og a plan that would put -- working on a plan that would put off increases. lawmakers say no action will be taken until november. president obama and mitt romney are taking a break from the campaigning, getting ready for the debate. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau to tell
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us with the stakes are high for mitt romney. >> reporter: a poll shows an 18- point lead among voters for mitt romney. the president will spend another day and practicing for another day. this is mitt romney's eighth day of prep in the last month. but he told supporters last week, he won't be using the event to try to score political points. >> there's gonna be all of the scoring of winning and losing. in my view, it's not so much winning or losing or even the people themselves, the president myself -- president or myself, it's something bigger than that. >> reporter: both sides have spent the past week lowering expectations for their candidate. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> all right. you can watch the debate live
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right here on ktvu channel 2 tomorrow evening. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. it will be followed by a special edition of ktvu news. and we will be streaming the debate live on, ktvu mobile and on the ktvu ipad app. 7:16. intense heat kept firefighters at bay at a fire in manitoba, canada. the fire egan yesterday afternoon at speedway international. it's a company that smells methanol for vehicles. early this morning, firefighters got the fire under control and people were allowed to return to their homes. we have new video of a struck fire in oakland that created quite a distraction for drivers. authorities say a public works azfault truck fought ire.
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the -- asphalt truck fought fire and no one was injured. the marin county deputies are investigating stolen mail from h lane, atherton drib, school road and the mail -- drive, school load, and all of the mailboxes targeted did not have locks on them. if you have any information about the threats, call the police. meanwhile, protesters of the sit-lie ballot measure will be protesting. if it passes, people would be banned from sitting and lying on downtown attacks. supporters say that's good for business. but supporters say this law targets the homeless. nurses at santa rosa memorial hospital are on
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strike. nurses walked off the job just a couple of hours ago at 5:00 a.m. in a strike that is scheduled to last 24 hours. the hospital says hundreds of replacement nurses have been hired and the hospital will stay open. but urgent care centers will be closed today due to the strike. the hospital and nurses are at odds over odds of oncall -- over pay and benefits. investigators say a person who opened fire on a dodge charger on sunday was targeting that car. police say there may have been trouble between the two vehicles before several miles. three people were shot. one is still in the hospital and police are still looking for anyone who may have witnessed the shooting. 7:19. well, police advising everyone, think carefully about your halloween costumes. this after a dangerous traffic stop that happened in san
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mateo. yesterday morning, police pulled a man over on east fourth avenue. they noticed he was wearing a gas mask. he also had a grenade that was later determined to be inactive. well, the bomb squad was called in to investigate, half a block was evacuated. police say the mask and grenade were probably a halloween costume because a man worked at a costume store. he was cited and released. today's day three of oracle's world conference. now, ceo, larry ellison, will be delivering the keynote speech about cloud computing and social media. this runs through thursday. they will be outside. more hot weather a's. it may even be -- ahead.
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it may even be hotter today. up next, steve paulson will have the forecast for your area. and it's pretty slow in the south bay right now. i will give you an update on that commute. ♪
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sexual assaults are on the rise around the uc berkeley campus. that's according to a new police report. uc campus police say 24 cases were reported last year compared to only four in 2010. a woman's resource director says the rise could be because more victims are coming forward to report them. this new report also shows there's been a drop on the number of peculiarries on the campus. there will be a new face hosting the 85th annual academy
7:24 am
awards. seth macarthur. now -- sect mcfarland is a trained singer. it's a little unusual choice as the host is typically a big celebrity movie star. but this should appeal to younger voters. an oakland man has yu received $500,000 and he can do anything he want with it. he was one of 23 winners of the so-called genous awards. he's the funder and ceo of the family independence initiative. it brings together community members to help low-income families, work towards informational educational and financial goals. 7:24. there's another car recall to tell you about.
7:25 am
honda recalling 600,000 mid- sized honda accord sedans. it involves accords with v-6 engines built for the we through 2007 year. the power steering hoses can crack. the honda says it won't have enough hoses. if you are having this problem, take your car in to honda. sal? >> it's slow in the south bay. 101 became slow first. 280, people trying to get in the valley. not that much better. 85 is getting slow as well. 237 and 101, all of the ways getting into the valley, about the only thing i can say, we don't have any major crashes as we drive through. the morning commute looks
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pretty good. as you -- 0-minute delay as you get into the city before you get on the span. if you are driving on san francisco freeways, big scene northbound 280 at alemany. that crash has been there for about an hour. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. very quiet, very calm. no sea breeze yet. very calm, the warmest temperatures at 7:00 a.m. are in the city and along the coast, warmer than out in sacramento and stockton. once that wind turns west. there is a lot of fog rarin' to go. it needs a little oomph. it's very -- it's very minute. 70s, 80s by the coast. the key will be when that west
7:27 am
kind kicks in. you have 65, hayward, san francisco. so there's some really warm conditions there. it is on its way, once it gets there, temperatures will take a drop. it's a mild morning on the coast. temperatures inland will rebound really fast. it's always the toughest call -- it's always a tough call when the sea breeze kicks in. inland temperatures it will take another day. cooling begins on wednesday. there are signs that temperatures will drop another 20 degrees by wednesday. there's no rain here but there will be a lot of cooler air. a fatal border patrol shooting that happened in -- that happened hours ago in arizona. what we know about the incident. >> reporter: family and friends of a missing south bay man need your help.
7:28 am
and that train crash in the central valley involving a train from oakland. the question request hes -- the two questions investigators are focusing in on this morning. ore. they've got such great deals on all my favorite brands. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
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concern is growing this morning for a san jose man who has been missing now for two weeks. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine
7:31 am
de la vega joins us live in san jose to let us know what family members plan to do tonight. good morning, janine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. i just got off the phone of the family of this man. this is the flier. they are very concerned. they say this is very unlike him. they say his medication is back at his house and they are worried what's gonna happen if he is not taking that medication. family members have planned a vigil here at sacred heart on willow street. this 32-year-old man was last scene before midnight on september 18th, leaving a party on vine and good-- on goodyear streets. he was on the phone, he told his friends he would be back and then he left on his harley and have not been seen since. his family has started a
7:32 am
website. police say they don't have any information that leads him them to believe that his disappearance has anything to do with the mogul club. he has a harley-davidson that toon on the back of his head. eprides a 1985 harley with a california license plate of 18 w 5272. now, i spoke with the police -- the spokesperson just a short time ago, he told me that he plans on meeting with detectives to find out if there are any new leads in this case. family and friends are asking them to meet in the parking lot for the vigil that will begin at 7:00 p.m. back to you. the man accused of trying to abduct a 9-year-old girl from a san mateo elementary school is due to face a judge today. bradley morasick is set to be arraigned on charges of
7:33 am
kidnapping and trespassing. prosecutors say he walked into a bathroom and grabbed a 9-year- old girl by the hand. he's then accused of forcing her offcampus. we're live in albany where a $candle vick ill is happening right now -- candlelightil is happening right now. they are remembering a middle school teacher found dead by police yesterday. coming up at 7:45, we'll continue to be outside there. you see people hugging each other. we'll have the latest on why that teacher was arrested last week and what -- and what may have led to his lead. a body has been found off the coast. 51-year-old p ept nt and carl
7:34 am
dang disapeared on sunday after their -- pent and carl dang disappeared on sunday after their fishing trip. there were two other men in the boat when it flipped over and they were both wearing life jackets and they made it to shore safely. more han 100 pg&e customers in -- customers in berkeley are waking up to no power. more than 12,000 customers were without power at the height of the outage. pg&e is still looking into the cause. the power is expected to be re- - is expected to be fully restored. the san francisco board of supervisors is due to vote whether to permanently remove ross mirkarimi. back in august he was suspended without pay bay naylor lee. this stems from a new year's
7:35 am
incident after an incident in which he bruise the his wife's arm. police in santa rosa are looking for an arsonist who started fires at two churches and an office building. the church of the encarnacion, st. rose catholic church and that office building are pretty close to each other. investigators say someone threw molotov cocktails at the building and no injuries are reported. cleanup efforts are underway in the central valley after an am track train headed from oakland to bakersfield went off the tracks. investigators will be out there trying to figure out if the crash was caused by driver error, a malfunctioning arm or at -- or something else.
7:36 am
police say nearly 40 people were injured. 170 people were on board, including a new baby. >> the baby flew over the other side. >> reporter: the crash will be closed during the investigation. amtrak is still running and they will carry passengers during the commute. well, the famous hollywood sign in los angeles is getting a face-lift. the first time in almost 35 years. our reporter lauren savan is live near the landmark right now. that famous sign, what are they -- what are they doing to it? >> well, you know, it's one of the most iconic signs in the world. and they say it's been 35 years since it has had it's last refurbishing. well, they starting today, they
7:37 am
are going to do an ex-- they are going to do an extensive cleaning. they are going to strip it, power wash it, prime it and repaint it. unlike most hollywood stars that get face-lifts. they are gonna do the front and the back. this will take eight to ten weeks. it will go through about 275 gallons of paint. 110 gallons of primer. when it is done, it will become fresh and new for generations to come. this sign has come around since 1923. that's when it was put up by -- but back in 1949, they took off the land part, it became the iconic hollywood sign and it has been touched up here and there throughout the years. but it was not until 1978 that
7:38 am
hugh hefner decided that those -- that those letters needed to be replaced. they had termite damage, the "o" fell down. but it's been 35 years. they say it's time to strip it down and repaint it. this whole thing is paid for by the hollywood sign trust. it has a lot of charitable donors that give money to make thundershower -- to make sure it looks as beautiful as the town it reside in. it will be just as good as new -- just as good as new, just like a face-lift, i hear [laughter] >> thank you, lauren. let's check in with sal. we're gonna go right to newschopper2 here and look at the crash causing all of that traffic problem here.
7:39 am
on 280 northbound. you can see it. it looks like the truck hit an accident, a lot of officers and a lot of chp officers and the neighborhood nearby is kind of being affected. you can see that amount lemany is ring re-- you can see that alemany -- it's closed coming in northbound. so you have to figure out another way to get on the 280. this has caused reroutes on muni. so it will an big mess until they do their investigation. also, the morning commute is busy. this is more normal to be backed up for this delay before you get on bridge and get into san francisco. if you are driving in san jose, getting into the silicon
7:40 am
valley. all of those freeways, you can see how slow they are. especially northbound 101. let's go to steve. a very good morning. a very quiet breeze there. if you live in the city, you work in the city. you know september was a cold, foggy month but the first of october was -- temperatures really warmed up. but yesterday was the first time in a long time that a temperature of 93 was an official in san francisco. which is was. last time was that hot, september 2010 when it was 91 degrees. 20 above inland forecast will continue to be warm to hot. even though it is warmer along the city and -- and they will catch up fast. there are signs of a cooldown. tuesday's records all set in 1980. every one of these were on this date. napa is -- napa is 101.
7:41 am
if the sea breeze doesn't kick in. san rafael, 106. san jose will be closed at 96. that was 1980. did i forecast 9 for san jose today. no fog. it's out there. 51, 61 for hey regard and san francisco. livermore, antioch, concord. sacramento and stockton out there in the mid valley. calm, calm. very rare to see this. nobody has a puff of a breeze yet. the little low spinning in. once if -- once it gets close. it will turn the wind. temperatures now, they will really take a drop tomorrow and by the coast and inland temperatures, i think we'll be in the 80s. sunny, warm to hot. it's a mild morning for some. cool for others. the key will be the sea breeze. 90s to near 100 inland and
7:42 am
temperatures begin to take a little plunge on wednesday by the coast. they really come down on thursday. we'll carry that in the weekend. we have new information on developing news coming out of arizona. a u.s. border patrol agent is dead after a shooting. authorities say three agents were patrolling on horseback in arizona this morning. two was shot. one was killed. the search is underway for the shooter. the agents were assigned to the brian terry station. it's named after the better patrol agent killed in the line of duty in 2010 related to the government's "fast and furious operations." a video on youtube possibly shows a missing journalist in syria. austin has not been heard from but the video is titled "austin
7:43 am
teiss." analysts say it's possible the video was staged and can -- and they cannot confirm the authenticity. why verizon is urging customers to down load a patch. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing a look twice. introducing a stunning work of technology -- the entirely new lexus es. and the first-ever es hybrid.
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homicides in chicago are up 25% from the same time last year. but police say the murder rate there actually slowed down since summer. it is 7:50. practice races for the america's cup world series event get underway in san francisco today. it's one of many events happening in the city this week. big crowds are also expected to turn out for the hardly, strictly bluegrass festival, oracle open world, thes can stroh street fair, giants and 49er games and the italian heritage parade. two cruise ships are also on
7:51 am
their way. the police department says its entire staff will be working. >> if there is an incident that does arise, we'll be able to remove our resources to that particular area or that problem. >> b.a.r.t. and mun nip are extending service and a hundred extra taxis will be on the streets. drivers are being warned to watch out for street closures. also happening in san francisco, fleet week. you can watch the blue angels fly in. they are scheduled to arrive tonight at sfo. fleet week officially kicks off on thursday. they will be performing at the airshow on saturday and sunday, weather permitting. you kind of have to watch the clouds there. >> you can watch them practice on thursday and frey. but it's always -- and frey. but again, it's always a good idea to keep your eyes on the road. >> right. >> it's great to see. >> if you are standing still.
7:52 am
the anti-smoking ban in san rafael. now you can't smoke on sidewalks but we'll tell you there is one exception. and the recall involving peanut butter expand to more stores. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. police in hong kong investigating a passenger boat collision that killed at least 38 people just arrested six of the crew members from two of the passenger boats. it happened during chain's national fireworks celebration. more than 100 people were thrown off the boats -- during china's national fireworks celebration. more than 100 people were thrown off the boats. some have been detained for operating boats safely and endangering the life of passengers. city leaders in san rafael
7:55 am
approved a ban on smoking in all condos, apartments as well as parks, bus stops and many other -- other spaces. the ban is also for the downtown area in certain spots. it's also expanded to downtown in certain areas as well. sunland peanut butter is recalling the following brands of peanut butter and here are the places to get it -- sal, you are following some major stuff out there. >> that's right. we've had a lot of slow traffic a lot of things going on, slow traffic in san jose. 280, 101, 85. that continues to be the --
7:56 am
this is unfortunately becoming one of the typical commutes. northbound 85 is slow. 101 in very -- 101 is very slow. caltrain is on time. moving along and taking a look at the westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for a 25- minute delay. in san francisco there's still a closure as you approach 280, it is closed. the morning drive on -- we talked about this, the south bay freeways are all slow. i want to move it up to hayward. 880 southbound, it's backed up from 280 -- from 280 fremont. let's go to steve. kind of cool for some inland. but i think we'll warm up real fast here. temperatures will end up sunny, warm. unless the sea breeze kicks in, we could blow past that 90 in
7:57 am
san francisco san francisco yesterday. 90s to 100s inland. 90s on the coast. santa cruz hit 100 yesterday and watsonville 101. there is a slow spinning southwest of us. it's starting to spin west of us. today we're starting off clear skies. the system digging into idaho. it might take another day, though. it will take two days. today, sunny -- in breeze yet. 70s, 80s, 90s to 100. cooling begins if not tonight, tomorrow and that will carry us into thursday. we'll take a -- we'll see a big drop and they could go until 60s and 70s. it was a big night for the oakland as and their fans. now what's next? >> reporter: a three-alarm fire
7:58 am
damage as home in vallejo. we will tell you if two people -- we'll tell you about the two people that got out safe and what saved their lives, when "mornings on 2" coats. coats-- continues. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. it's time to free ourselves from the smell and harshness of bleach. and free ourselves from worrying about the ones we love. new lysol power & free has more cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is the hydrogen peroxide formula. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health.
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good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. it's tuesday, october 2nd. we have breaking news coming in right now from oakland. as we speak, there is police activity just within the past couple of minutes. oakland police just confirmed they are investigating a double fatal shooting. it happened near 72nd avenue and international boulevard. now, this is just coming in. we have a crew headed to the scene now. we'll let you know what's happening out there and bring you the latest information as san as -- as soon as we get it. all of this comes on the he'lls on a very violent night. two people were killed three others were hurt in separate shootings. the first one happened at 9:00 at a liquor store. two of the men were shot. one died at the scene. the other was rushed to highland hospital.
8:01 am
during that shooting a stray bullet hit a 14-year-old in the leg. a bullet also hit a woman in her 30s in the arm. both of them were taken to the hospital. and then an hour later, another man was shot and killed in a different liquor store in oakland at macarthur boulevard and diamond streets. witnesses say it tooked -- it looked like the shooter followed them to the store. police are investigating both of those shootings. we're also following developing news come ought of vallejo where investigators want to know the cause of an early-morning fire. allie rasmus is there at the scene on el camino real. seems like it is coming down but what happened out there. >> reporter: just within the last half-hour, the firefighters have noticed hot spots in the walls of the home. that's why you see the firefighters just above the basement there.
8:02 am
they are breaking open the walls and checking the area to make sure the hot spots with completely extend gived. but for the -- extinguished. but for the most part it is out. one of the challenges faced was the size and configuration of the house. you can get a sense of how big this house is from newschopper2. it's about 3800 square feet. a mother and adult son were sleeping. we'll tell you more on how they escaped. but first, one of the other firefighters faced this morning was the unusually warm temperatures. they needed extra crews to fight the fire. so at one point, they had seven engines and as many as 40 firefighters out here. investigators don't know where this fire started yet but they thick they -- but they think they know where it started. our suspicion has spread to the outside. it got up in the first floor and second floor.
8:03 am
the father and adult son who lived here were inside sleeping in the back of the house when the fire began in the front garage area. they were able to get out unharmed, thanks to working smoke alarms. the father told me off camera, it was the unusual sound from the smoke detector that woke him up and jolted him out of bed. he woke up his son and they were able to get out quickly and the father credits that device with saving his life. now that the fire is out, they need to go through and -- just within the past half-hour or so, you can see the firefighters still in. the battalion chief said they discovered a few hot spots inside the home. it looks like they are bringing up a hose to take care of that. the fire, for the most part, is out. and the two people who lived here escaped without being harmed. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. back to you. >> thank you.
8:04 am
a judge has just postponed penn's controversial voter identification requirement. the law passed six months ago would have required each voter to show a valid photo i.d. at polling stations but a judge ordered that it not be enforced in this year's presidential election. however, an appeal is still possible. they say this could have meant lower voter turn out. mott's campaign has just -- in other news, mitt romney's campaign has just released new ads and we'll tell you how those ads are stirring up trough over tax increases -- controversy over tax increases. 18-year-old austin ogden
8:05 am
thinks the dublin school system is too focused on test scores. ogden says he feels the school board would benefit by having a former student's input. well, today school pus drivers in pleasanton could vote on a strike. according to the pleasanton weekly, a letter was sent out notifying parents. it says that durham bus drivers could strike as early as tomorrow. the school district says it will provide alternative transportation in case there is a bus strike. we want to check in with sal. >> a good area to avoid. i was just talking to her newsdesk here. we have breaking news at international and 72nd avenue that we talked about earlier. it's a good area to avoid. we have police activity in that area. it could delay some of the buses as well. we have a crew on the way. let's move along and take a look at the south bay.
8:06 am
northbound 280, that traffic is very slow getting up to the 880 interchange. slow traffic coming up and continuing up into the valley. 101 and 5 are slow -- and 85. bay bridge is backed up to the macarthur maze. the weather is nice for a picnic. but the traffic is very slow. pleasant hill, walnut creek, slow traffic getting into the danville area. 24 is okay between walnut creek and oakland. slow traffic -- all throughout the east bay, especially here. southbound on the way to fremont. let's go to steve. all right. thank you, sir. a very good quiet, calm, warm, morning. heard from porter, porter is a chocolate lab out there in el sobrante. where's the fog. it's too hot for him!
8:07 am
high temperature yesterday in san francisco -- now, september was cold and foggy the 1st of october, 90 degrees. that's the hottest temperature since september 5th in 2010. average for this time of year is 70 degrees. but if it was 90 in san francisco. if you are one of those and maybe you live in santa cruz or you were over in santa cruz, you are saying, it's hot. it was 100 degrees there. watsonville was 101. it will be close. but i don't think we'll set any records except for san jose's 199. it was a hot day in -- 1996. san rafael, 106. we're waiting for a couple of things. there's a very cold system digging into montana, idaho and that's gonna draw below sitting southwest of us. the key is the timing.
8:08 am
50, 60s. hayward, 68 degrees right there. you can see the leading edge of that. this right there. it's -- it takes it up here. as it does it will take us right over it. that wind will go westerly. the fog will ramp up and the temperatures will go on down. it will be cool for the coast and inland temperatures may be struggling to hold onto the 80s. sunny, warm, hot today. a mild morning on thes -- morning on the coast. the cooling -- the cooling begins on wednesday. temperatures will go from 100 to the upper 60s. low 70s inland. tori and dave? >> southern california had an earthquake overnight. a 4.1. it hit about 1:30 this morning. it was centered 22 miles east of the pine valley. that's east of downtown san diego. so far there's no word of damage or injuries. and then about an hour and a
8:09 am
half later, there was an aftershock. there was a -- it was a 2.6. some new signs that the housing market in the bay area, starting to recover. economists say foreclosure and default notices dropped back to the levels they were back in 2007. commits -- it's still pretty high but not to the extremes that were in 2008. back then, the bay area saw about 3,000 homes repossessed. this year, it's expected to be about 16,000. that's down nearly 60%. it is 8:09. for the first time in 6 years, the -- six years the oakland as will be playing in the postseason. [ cheers ] >> what a way to get in there. the as defeated the texas rangers last night and the win means the very least has clinched one of two american league wild card spots. the as celebrated with the t-
8:10 am
shirts and hats there. bob melvin got a pie in the face. [ cheers ] >> actually, there's talk of melvin being a candidate for manager. year. mean isle while, back in the clubhouse, the champagne and beer were glowing. there's a lot of dancing. if oakland wins today and tomorrow, the last two games of the regular season, they will be division champions. >> it's -- it all came together so perfectly. i didn't expect to be here this year. next year i did. but not this year. we're really excited. >> does it feel like you thought it would? >> you can't put a word on what this feels like. this is how you -- what you work your hole life -- your whole life for. there's only about 21,000 fans at the game last night.
8:11 am
they are expecting about 3,000 fans tonight. and if they win, they will expect about 30,000 fans. >> and then there's the yankees. >> yes. there is a major effort to attract new firefighter to come to contra costa county. we'll tell you how many spots they are looking to fill and how you can apply.
8:12 am
d i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
8:13 am
8:14 am
we continue to follow breaking news. oakland police just told us 15 minutes ago that he are investigating a double -- that they are investigating a double homicide at 72nd avenue and international boulevard. these are live pictures right now of newschopper2 at the scene. you can see a lot of police down there and crew members. i just have checked online. this is a few blocks, maybe about 12 blocks east of the oakland coliseum, the oakland arena and coliseum. just off hegenberger road. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more information as on as it becomes into the newsroom. some people in canada are back in their homes after this huge warehouse explosion and manitoba, canada. it happened yesterday at speedway international. that company sells a chemical for car racing. it forced evacuations and shut
8:15 am
down several streets. just hours ago, firefighters were able to get all of that under control. we also have new video to show you of a big truck fire in oakland hours ago. this one caused quite a distraction for early-morning drivers. this was a public works asphalt talk truck. the truck was parked on the -- asphalt truck. the truck was parked on the side of the road at the time of the incident. back in july, the fire department had to eliminate 15 firefighter positions because of a proposed parcel tax failed. they got a new grant that will be helping to elimb naying those e-- fill those eliminated
8:16 am
jobs and 12 more. now, if you are interested and want to apply for the jocks contact the east contra costa fire district. 8:15. mott's campaign is out with a scathing new television ad ahead of tomorrow night's debate. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. bureau to let us know how the ads target president obama on taxes. the romney campaign has a new slogan. we can't afford four more years of president obama. during campaign stops yesterday. romney is accusing the president of raises taxes and planning more tax increases if he gets another term. >> who will raise taxes on the middle class? barack obama and the liberals already have to pay for government-run healthcare. you will pay higher taxes and more for your healthcare.
8:17 am
>> vow, the president delivered -- now, the president delivered pizza yesterday to his campaign. both candidates are taking a break from the campaign while they prepare for the debate tomorrow night while their key figures campaign in the key states. >> the debate starts at 6:00 p.m. right here and it will be followed by a special edition of ktvu news. president obama has announced plans to visit kern county next week to establish the cesar chavez monument. it will be located where chavez once lived. the president says the national monument would preserve chavez's legacy of giving a voice to workers.
8:18 am
:17 -- 7:16. the "new york times" reports that the u.s. generals in afghanistan have all but given up hope that they can work out a deal. they are counting on the afghan government to work on an agreement once forces leave the area. the government of pakistan approves any peace deal. back here at home, according to a new report, the average american household is facing a $3500 tax increase if congress fails to avoid what's called a looming fiscal cliff. that's according to the tax policy center. automatic tax hikes and spending cuts are due to take effect in january if congress doesn't work out a deal. but the congress reports that u.s. senators are working on a plan that would put off the increases and deal with the
8:19 am
deficit program. lawmakers say no action will be taken until after november. it is 8:18. vallejo's mayor thinks someone is trying to intimidate him after a fire does serious damage to his law office. >> i'm not fearful for my life. i am concerned for my family. >> what investigators are now saying about the cause of the fire. plus -- we're talking about your weather. look out our window. it's been hot. you know that. it will still be hot in parts of the bay area. steve's coming back and he will tell you about a dramatic cooldown that's on the way. good morning. it's not good-looking traffic here in san jose. i will tell you what's going on there and give you the rest of the morning commute. i moved to new york to work in fashion.
8:20 am
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8:22 am
the weekend fire that damaged the law office of the vallejo mayor is now a confirmed case of arson. federal agents are joining the search for whoever is behind the fire. osby davis believes he was targeted because of the office he holds and not his work as a lawyer. he adds this is not the first time he's been the target of someone's anger. >> i've had written threats, verbal threats, telephone threats but none have risen to the level of this type of dangerous, criminal conduct.
8:23 am
>> davis says he's not worried about being hurt but he's concerned about his family's safety and he says despite everything, he's still glad to be mayor of vallejo. police on the peninsula still investigating that weekend shooting that shut down part of highway 101. investigators now say the person who fired shots at that dodge charger over the weekend, say that charge was targeted. three people were shot. one is still in the hospital. police are asking any witnesses come forward. time now, 8:23. let's go back to sal. he's watching our commute. a lot going on. >> yeah, it's very slow but also in the east bay, contra costa county, almost everywhere you will see slow traffic. now, we have some improvement here on highway 4 coming into bay point. still slow. 680 will be a little bit slow once you get there heading down
8:24 am
to the walnut creek interchange. let's move along to the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up to the maze, a 25-minute delay. the santa clara valley, we have a lot of slow traffic. a minor crash at 17. the traffic is backed up on the 680, the 101 is also a mess. 85 only slightly better everywhere in the santa clara valley is slow and getting there on the peninsula, is not that great. the san mateo bridge is busy and the nimitz slows all the way down to fremont. 8:24. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. clear skies, very calm conditions just looking along the great highway. sunset district still a little hint of an easterly breeze.
8:25 am
sunny, warm to hot. but high pressure i kind of like it here. that means 70s, 80s, 90s, near 100. santa cruz, there is a low southwest of us that's drawn up. it's going to take another day to make much of an impact. 57, san francisco, 68 in hayward. still warm in san jose, antioch, stockton and sacramento. you can see that low that was spinning. that will be right over us. bring any rain. it will send temperatures, down, down, down. a mild morning coast kind of cool for some. these temperatures are rebounding. today will be very warm. cooling begins on wednesday and it drops the temperatures. friday, we will see 100s go
8:26 am
down and then low 70s. 8:5. back to the breaking news we were telling you -- 8:25. back to the breaking news we were telling you about. lorraine blanco just got fare. what do you know -- just got there what. do you know, lorraine? >> reporter: police are not releasing a lot of information rate now. but we can tell you that two people are dead. police are investigating and talking to witness and looking for evidence. we know the shooting happened just after 6:00 a.m. i just talked to a woman who said she's the cousin of one of the victims. she said she's 23 years old. right now the block is closed between international and oral. they are unsure how long this will take or how long the street will be closed. we know that two people are dead and police are trying to
8:27 am
figure out what happened here and 72nd and international. we're gonna get more information and we'll be back at 8:45. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. 8:26. still ahead -- bracing for more disruptive protests in oakland. why it may not be business as usual for tonight's oakland city council meeting. the family and friends of a missing san jose man make a plea for the public's help. you will hear why there's growing concern for him every day. how far will 49er fans go to make sure they get a seat in the new 49ers stadium.
8:28 am
[ male announcer ] introducing sizzler's signature sandwiches. starting at $6.99. our tri-tip with hand-breaded onion straws, our crispy shrimp smothered in bang bang sauce, and tuscan chicken on focaccia. sizzler.
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8:30 am
concern is growing right for a san jose man missing for two weeks now. ktvu's janine delaw vega live in san jose to tell us what the family members are planning to do about this tonight. janine? >> reporter: well, dave, just moments ago, i met with two of his family members. they say his behavior is very much -- is very much unlike him. they are worried about him because he has a hearst problem and takes three pills a day. but those -- heart problem and takes three pills a day. but the family is planning to hold a vigil here tonight at sacred heart church here on women low street. now, 32-year-old eric garcia is from san francisco and was last seen september 18th leaving a party near vine and goodyear streets. police say he was on the phone and told his friends at the party that he would be back and
8:31 am
he left on his harley. garcia has not been seen since then. his family has started a facebook page for him have many people have left messages of support. family and friends say it is competely out of character for garcia to not contact family. >> he's a social butterfly. he's been having a problem lately, so he's been trying to find work. >> reporter: he's identified as a member of the mo -- monguls motorcycle club. at this point, police say they don't have any information that leads them to information that leads to that affiliation. he's described as 5'9", 350
8:32 am
pounds with short, brown hair and a brown goatee. he has a tarly davidson tattoo on the back of his head. now, back out here live, this vigil will take place at 7:00 at sacred heart church on willow street. they are telling people to meet in the parking lot. candles will be lit and a prayer will be set for garcia's safe return. >> it's 8:32. authorities say a fast-moving fire that destroyed three homes in sonoma county is a reminder of the fire danger supposed -- forced by this hot weather we're having. the fire broke out around 5:00 last night near highway 116 and highway 101 near katati. one couple was supposed to get
8:33 am
married. the fire broke out on a day of near record temperatures and the flynn fire in mendocino county also destroyed five buildings. flames broke out at the eramark facility just before 9:00 last night. all that burned was a large pile of uniforms outside the building. investigators say the clothing was apparently waiting to be washed. no one was hurt and the flames never reached the inside of the building. sexual assaults are on the rise. uc campus police say 24 sexual offenses were reported last year compared to four in 2010. a women's resource director on campus says the rise could be because more victims are coming forward. the report also shows a drop in the number of burglaries on
8:34 am
campus. 8:33. a crash yesterday between a school bus and a flan the valley shut down -- van in the valley shut down the road. the driver of the van was hurt and he had to be airlifted to sanford hospital. no meals will be served at this restaurant today. a driver crashed into this restaurant during yesterday's lunch hour. a couple of people were hurt. but no injuries were serious. witnesses say the driver of the car was an elderly person. investigators now want to know what caused the crash. it's 8:34. there could be another round of disruptive protests at -- protests at the city council meeting. the council ended the september meeting early. after shooting victim took over. family members say they will be back at city hall tonight to
8:35 am
demand the police report and -- into the shooting. they also say they reserve their right to speak out. police are advising people to speak carefully about their halloween costumes after a dangerous stop yesterday afternoon. police pulled a man over a man who was wearing a gas mask. he also had a grenade that was inactivated. police say these were probably hall hoe lien items because he -- halloween items because he worked at a costume store. police have found a body off the coast, a body of a
8:36 am
fishingman. police have not identified the man yet. the coast guard said family members found one of the bodies about 6:30 last night north of pigeon point. two other men in the pet were wearing life jacket the and they made to shore safely. well, 49ers fans can sign up online to buy seat licenses for the new santa clara stadium. the current season holders, they've already bought out 52% of the 68,000,500 -- 68,500- seat stadium. some of those went for as much as $5,000. most of -- $85,000. most of these will be going for 2,000, 6,000 a seat. one week from today, the san francisco board of supervisors is expected to vote on whether to permanently
8:37 am
remove suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi from office. back in march, mayor lee suspended him without pay. that's after mirkarimi pleaded guilty to false imprisonment that stemmed from an incident on new year's eve when he bruised his wife's arm. it will take nine out of 11 supervisors to permanently remove him from office. 8:37. let's check in with sal. you are still watching the east. shore. we have some breaking news in berkeley. i want to have them bring up the camera here. you can see the smoke and flame coming from this fire in berkeley -- actually, you can only see smoke from this emeryville camera. this is a house fire on delaware street in berkeley. apparently, it had something to do with a power line that may have been down, although, i was
8:38 am
just listening to berkeley fire command. they say that the fire proun -- that the power lines have been secured in the area. you can see the smoke is coming up into the sky, it's all over the east bay now. so, again, this is a house fire in delaware street in berkeley. berkeley fire department is on the scene. let's go back to the traffic picture. the bay bridge toll plaza isism proving a little bit. if you are driving in the east bay, we have a lot of slow traffic on 880 heading south to fremont. 101 and 80 are just a mess -- 280 are a mess. getting up to sunnyvale is very slow. let's go to steve. there's temperatures about 80 degrees and you get up not very far. the temperature is cool, cool, cool and then it warms up.
8:39 am
that's where the cap from the inversion comes in. smoke will continue to rise under normal conditions but we're not under normal conditions. we're under a dome of high pressure. when is summer arriving? october 1st. the temperature was 90 degrees yesterday in the city. that's the hottest temperature since september 2010. average this time of year is 70. so 0 above and i will tell you, everything is -- so two -- 20 -- so tent above. santa cruz yesterday -- so 20 above. santa cruz yesterday and inland temperatures will be hot today. not as hot -- not as hot temperature. it's going to be a toasty day. 67 already in san francisco. 68 in hayward. which are running very warm compared to others. the inland areas will catch up
8:40 am
fast here. a couple of things. a really, really cold system. what -- it's going to draw this little system towards us. as it does, that will turn the wind to the west. by thursday, it will be here. coatal clouds will be ramping un-- ramping up big time. the wind will be out of the west. today, sunny, warm to hot. it's 70 in the marina district. a very mild morning on the coast. late sea breeze around two -- 2:00 to 5:00. 90s and that increases on friday. upper 60s and then low 70s. nurses are on strike at santa rosa memorial hospital. about 5:00, nurses walked off the job in a strike that is supposed to last 24 hours. the santa rosa hospital officials say replacement nurses have been hired and the
8:41 am
hospital will stay open. however the because of the nurses' strike, urgent care senters in windsor and rohnert park will be closed today. they are at odds about overtime, night and on-call pay as hel as health benefits. today is day three of oracle's world conference. 50,000 people are expected to be at the event which is at and it often spills outside of the moscone center. larry ellison will give a speech about cloud computer and this runs until thursday. the marin county sheriff's department is warning people about identity theft after a string of mail thefts in novato. they say the mail stolen
8:42 am
includes personal checks, credit cards and other items that contain financial information. anyone with information is asked to call police. in berkeley, critics of a controversial sit-lie balance measure plan to protest at city hall. the voters -- if voters past measure s people would be banned from sitting or lying on downtown sidewalks during certain hours. supporters of the measure say it's good for business but protesters say the law targets the homeless. some questions still remain about yesterday's amtrak train collision. where dozens of people were hurt. that train colliding out of the central valley. the critical questions that are under investigation right now. tragedy strikes at albany middle school after the death of a teacher. the controversy surrounding his death. >> reporter: we're live at oakland at the scene of a double shooting on 72nd avenue.
8:43 am
two men are dead. we'll tell you what we know so far when "mornings on 2" continues. closed captioning brought to you by -- kaiser opportunity. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento.
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so remember this number. thirty-eight.
8:45 am
stocks started higher on wall street after a measure of american home prices posted the largest gain in more than six years. now turning south gm and ford
8:46 am
just reported sales ran about even last month from a year ago. chrysler saw an increase of almost 12% in sales. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 74. nasdaq is flat s&p down 2. the specialty retailer petsmart is making a move on wall street. they will leave the nasdaq and join the s&p 500 after the close of trade on thursday. it will replace sonogo which is being acquired by another energy company. metsmart's -- pet's stock is -- petsmart's stock is up. the as beat the texas rangers last night and they at least have a wild card spot and can win the division if they win today and tomorrow. mott is busy preparing for
8:47 am
tomorrow night's presidential debate. president obama is preparing in henderson, nevada, while mott prepares in denver. don't forget. you can watch the debate live here on ktvu channel 2, beginning at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. right now, oakland police are busy investigating a double homicide. it happened just about two hours ago. ktvu's lorraine blanco is at the scene. so what do you know, where are you and what do you know, lorraine? >> reporter: we're at 72 at international. police are not releasing a lot of information right now. if you look a few feet back from me, there is a green min i have van where police are haven't searching through it and looking at evidence. let's take a look at video we shot. there was a shooting here just after 86:00 a.m. we -- after 6:00 a.m. police are looking through evidence. there are many people out here including a lot of family members of the victims.
8:48 am
they tell me there are two men in their 20s who live on this block that are the victims of the shooting. right now police are, not releasing a lot of information. they do confirm that the two men are dead and that they will be on scene for a while. we're not sure what led up to this shooting but the family members tell me that -- that one of the victims, a 24-year- old, the last time they spoke with him was last night when he came home from work at 10:00. they heard about the shooting. many are crying and many why upset -- many are crying and upset. we'll be speaking and bring you later details during the noon newscast. but right now what we can tell you is at 72nd avenue and international is shut down while police investigate. two men are dead and their bodies are still on the scene while police investigate. lorraine plunker ktvu channel 2
8:49 am
news. >> thank you, lorraine. there is a huge outpouring of emotion after a teacher is found dead. pam cook has more. >> the teacher was found dead inside his car and investigators believe it was suicide. now, it's an emotional scene this morning. we were outside at albany middle school as a crowd of students, parents and teachers are gathering there to remember their teacher and coworker with notes and flowers in front of the school. >> he coached, raised funds, organized after-school spores for our kids. this school and our students were his life. he will be deeply missed. >> he was a popular 6th grade teacher at albany middle school who and basketball. but his life changed last week when he was arrested at his
8:50 am
home on suspicion of performing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14. now, acowarding to a error, the parent -- according to a report, the parent told the school about this. he was placed on administrative leave and was out on bail as the alameda district attorney's office was investigating the claim. grief counselors are on campus to help the students and staff cope with the allegations. right now, the school superintendent is holding a news conference at the district offices. we have a photographer there linning in and we'll continue this on the news at -- listening in and we'll continue this on the news at noon and then at -- and then at the man accused of attempting to abduct a 9-year- old girl from a school is scheduled to face a judge today, set to be arraigned on
8:51 am
charges of kidnapping and trespassing. prosecutors say he walked into a bathroom at parkside elementary school and grabbed a 9-year-old girl by the hand. he's accused of forting her off campus but the girl now back and managed to get away. the cleanup goes on this morning after 40 people were hurt when an amtrak train going from oakland to bakersfield collided in hanford and then jumped the tracks. investigators want to know whether the crash was caused by driver error, a malfunctioning crossing bar or something else. the almost 170 people were on board the amtrak train including a new-born baby. >> the baby was literally ripped off and i had to lift the seat up and i found him in his car seat. >> those train tracks will be
8:52 am
closed down during the investigation and buses will be carrying passengers between bakersfield and hanford during this morning's commute. 8:51. we're tracking the investigation into an early- morning house fire in vallejo. how two people in the home managed to escape the flames? sal will bring you an update on 280.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we're following developing news out of vallejo where there was an early-morning house fire. allie rasmus is live at the scene now on el camino real where firefighters are still knocking down hot spots. allie? >> reporter: for the most part, the hot spots are out, that's avenue one crew out here keeping an eye on things. most of the damage is visible and the garage and basement area of this three-story home in vallejo. the garage is where firefighters think this fire may have started. it started just after 3:00 this morning. this is a picture of the fire sent to us. you can see the flames shooting from the garage basement area. two people were inside this house when the fire started. a father and adult son, they were able to get out safely thanks to a life-saving device. >> two occupants and a smoke detector and alarm system
8:56 am
worked and -- worked and got their attention in the middle of the night. >> reporter: firefighters say the challenging in tackling this fire were two-fold. the house is lawyer, 3500 square feet and there's add-on construction and the weather, it's warmer in vallejo than usual. so the battalion chief had to come out extra crews. there's one crew left. they are standing by to make sure no hot spots that flare up and the cause of the fire is under investigation. allie rasmus, kut ut. it's ticket tuesday and today's winners you will be invited to the northern california renaissance fair. one grand prize winner and 20 runnerup winners, you will win a family four pack valid through october 14th. for your chance to win, go to do it before midnight, put in the secret word "jowster."
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>> that's a really fun event. let's check back in with sal. >> one of the things that we'll have coming up on the noon news, the house fire on delaware street in berkeley. so far, we don't have any reports that anyone was injured and -- it's been contained. we're trying to get more for the noon news. it's still pretty slow there. 101 is not much better. 85 is improving. the santa clara valley has been slow all morning long. 880 southbound, that traffic is busy from hayward down to fremont. the -- at the bay bridge toll plaza, we still have a delay, it's getting a little bit better before you make your way into the city. here's steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. very, very calm, very mild. still an east breeze. 70s, 80s, 90s inland.
8:58 am
90s to 100. we'll -- we'll start a cooldown tomorrow and we'll carry that into the weekend. >> it's gonna sneak up on us. >> no, once it goes, it goes fast. >> especially this time of year. >> yes, correct. that's our report this morning. we thank you for trusting the cute news. be sure to watch the news for more on this morning he a double homicide in oakland. we're always here for you at ktvu -- morning's double homicide in oakland. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu. thanks for joining us.
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